Market Entry and Go-To-Market Solutions for Cabletree in Germany

The client

Cabletree Industrial Co. Ltd. is a leading cable company with its Headquarters in Taipeh, Taiwan. Cabletree commenced its business in 1983 based on the manufacture of custom cable assemblies, and since then has been dedicated to upgrading its manufacturing facilities and product range,together with the building of long term supplier/customer relationships.

In conjunction with the cable business the company has integrated the manufacture of machined and/or stamped metal hardware, plastic injection parts, connectors, etc. to produce completed electro-mechanical sub-assemblies. Through this process Cabletree offers extensive options to meet with customers’ requirements. This function enhances the range of services to provide customers with the best solutions required by various industries.

in 2020 Cabletree start up its first business operations in Germany and indentified business accounts and partners in Germany.

The challenge

The clear challenge of this project was to investigate how to the client can enter into the German market systematically and sustainable long-term business development. It was important to find suitable / potential German companies that have substantial interest in the products and services of Cabletree.

Furthermore, it was important to the Client to get a strategic advice to make the right moves in order to generate sustainable business in Germany. The customer approach and the communication concept had to be designed and adapted to the German market.

Cabletree wanted the delivery of all acknowledgements from this project in the form of a paper outlining all relevant points for further steps and improvement. This is supposed to serve as a action plan and a guideline for the future.

And the promoting the products of Cabletree in Germany and the European markets should be driven forward.

The solution

The solution of MES consisted of six components or deliverables. The project started with a detailed market overview and a draft of an action plan for later activities. The market overview showed an upward trend in the cable- and electra-mechanical market in the past 10 years, which proved the growth potential to the clients. Another important analysis of the competitors gave the team significant insights into the unique selling points and business development strategy.

In order to reach out to potential distributors, clients etc. MES created a short and pragmatic handout for the German market, based on the existing material of Cabletree. A “communication concept” (what exactly are the primary arguments for the products etc.) was designed and integrated to the handout.

MES had a closer look at the landscape and the relevant players and “mechanisms” in the German market. Target groups have been identified and validated. The result was provided in on overview with all relevant information on the potential business partner.

After the identification of targets MES reached out to all companies on behalf of Cabletree and acted as “their sales guys in the ground”.

The outcome

The project ran for an approximate period of 3 month. During the project, MES contacted all identified targets personally. The range of the contacted targets from market leaders to small independent companies. Always in mind that possible cooperation between the partner and Cabletree is realistic.

On the basis and the feedback of the contacting, we put all knowledge together in a pragmatic and purpose-fulfilling report which was shared with the client.t The report was in such quality that the Project Objectives a of this document are answered as clearly as possible and gave the client a 360 degree overview of the potential business partner.

15 companies were positively interested in working with Cabletree and we were prepared to send RFQ within the next weeks after the project was finalized. Further 5 companies had requested us to enlist on their portals and register as certified supplier. Rounding the number up to 20 potential companies to do business with Cabletree. There were another 10 companies from which a final answer was still pending after completion of this project.

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