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Dun & Bradstreet Tangram Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd is a leading business advisory firm that provides solutions to its clientele to enable growth and facilitate business decision making, situated in Mumbai, India. D&B is committed to serve clients from more than 20 different sectors within various industries and disciplines. They basically aiming their services to international clients from all over the world to be a part of India’s growing market. The company’s business reach spans all throughout India, North America, South-, and Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Business challenge

Dun & Bradstreet wanted to expand their business operations in Germany as well as to explore further business opportunities in the wider European market. For this reason, they needed to generate new leads and business contacts in three different countries - Belgium, Germany and Italy. To do this they required a professional advisory, research and contacting strategy to manage their market and customer approach in these new business environments.

Before starting the process of entering and contacting the German market, the company needed to understand the regulations and business etiquette of their potential European clients. As different approaches of contacting were needed for different industries in specific countries, ME.S was assigned to conduct the entire research and contacting process of the targets in three countries via phone, email or in direct one2one meetings.

One of the main challenges to overcome was the fact that D&B had already contacted some of these targets on their own but left only a semiprofessional impression. Consequently, they did not get any response from these target groups, which made the task significantly more difficult. ME.S narrowed down the target groups and divided them into different categories.

However, the challenge was not only to identify these target companies or organizations in Italy, Germany, and Belgium, but also it was imperative to have a strategic plan of action to contact them. Careful and strategic preparation was needed to ensure the highest response rate from the targets and it was important to adapt to the particular medium of communication with which these targets were comfortable.


As the contacting processes had to be conducted for three different countries, ME.S defined three different questionnaires appropriate for the interviews in each country. As Italy, Germany and Belgium not only have different national languages but also different local conditions, the questionnaires had to be adapted to each country. All three countries are not only different by language and geography, but also by culture. Therefore, the communication style had to be adapted and incorporated into the contacting strategy in order to “push the right button.”

D&B was interested in knowing what the framework of the contact process would look like and what steps would have to be followed in order to get the target to agree to a personal meeting. Therefore, ME.S conducted thorough and pragmatic research. The following questions and points of research were included:

  • Market overview in general: how is this market structured, what are the mechanisms, what is the overall development landscape? (Demographic pyramid etc.)
  • Existing solutions: how are elderly people taken care of and how is this organized?
  • Financial structure: how is the system currently financed and what trends can be identified in the market?
  • Future prospect: what will be the future challenges of the German system and what would this mean for the enterprise?
  • Legal framework: A short elaboration/overview of potential hurdles, registration etc.

To increase their credibility ME.S were authorized by D&B to act as an official representative of and member of the company in Germany. This ensured a serious approach and enabled the “opening of the right doors” at the client. ME.S advised D&B on the exact needs and right phrases etc. in case the client wanted to talk directly to the management in India.

Due to the fact that D&B had already contacted a few targets before, it was essential to find the right way of communication and to trigger the main point of interest at these targets.

In order to “have something in hand” after the initial contact to the clients, as well as to reach out to potential partners and investors, ME.S created a high quality, glossy handout, which had the function of a “teaser”. Furthermore, there was a detailed and pragmatic booklet (15-20 pages) generated to send out to interested targets. This was tailor-made for each specific market but included a certain common “communication concept” (for example what exactly are the primary arguments for the project etc.), with minimal graphic adjustments for each country.

The booklet contained much more information than the teaser. This was a solid, thorough presentation that contained important information about the background of D&B, the project itself, prospects, business cases and example scenarios of future collaborations.

In order to speed up the process for the client, ME.S tried to arrange all interviews and meetings at the earliest opportunity.

Services Provided



ME.S had successfully assisted Dun & Bradstreet Tangram in their business expansion activities in three countries simultaneously. This not only saved the client a lot of time in their market expansion, but also kept resources, organizations and communications on a very slim scale. D&B was able to explore and expand their business in three new markets very quickly, from handling their targets in Europe to communicating with them professionally. Although there were some setbacks from the company’s initial experience, this did not hinder ME.S from achieving the clients’ goals. ME.S had been outstanding in coordinating and communicating with the targets in Italy, Germany and Belgium via phone, web-conferences, or even face to face meetings - depending on the targets’ needs and status. The completed computer assisted telephone interviews had been well-planned and Dun & Bradstreet Tangram had been very satisfied with the results.

“It was really amazing how quickly and professionally ME.S helped us to generate an overview and new contacts in three countries in Europe.” - Arun Sareen, COO Dun & Bradstreet Tangram

Demand generation is one of the popular services at the present time and it is important to have an experienced group of people who can handle logistics, time, and the geographical demands of international companies. The ME.S service agreement with Dun & Bradstreet Tangram can be considered as a good testament to partnership, assisting business advisory companies to expand their targets to and within the European markets.

“We were positively surprised about the diversity of ideas and the motivation of ME.S in the collaboration, which was partly beyond our expectations. Furthermore, we were thrilled that one idea fulfilled all of our expectations right away – it’s really just what we hoped for” - Arun Sareen, COO Dun & Bradstreet Tangram

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