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Dubai World Central (DWC) can be considered as “Dubai’s airport of the future.” Upon its completion, this reflects an improvement in the aviation industry as the “world’s largest global gateway with capacity for more than 160 million passengers per year. It also serve as a multi-modal logistics hub for 12 million tons of freight.” Situated in United Arab Emirates, this opens doors both from the east and the west for tourism and most especially business and commerce. Through its “140 sq km multiphase development of six clustered zones that includes the Dubai Logistics City (DLC), Commercial City, Residential City, Aviation City and the Golf City” any possibilities of trade and business partnerships can be successful done.

Business challenge

The goal of this campaign and all of the following activities involved was to promote and generate interest in the Business Park Free Zone (BPFZ) in Dubai and to find companies who are willing to invest there.

The main challenge was identifying interested companies and organizations that are willing to expand their business to UAE and to choose an office location in the BPFZ.

DWC focused on special target groups and companies out of the following sectors:

  • Traders; for all kinds of industries
  • Logistics
  • Aviation
  • Consulting (Business, Engineering, etc.)
  • Educational Services

The challenge was not only identifying the interested companies and organizations but also to contact the decision makers of those companies to arrange B2B meetings in Germany.


The offer of DWC was considered to be highly interesting for a large amount of primarily German companies. However, preliminary research has shown that this is no easy task. Consequently ME.S suggested a dual approach in contacting those companies consisting of a) direct approach of potential clients and b) a more strategic approach based on multiplicators and relevant organizations.

The identification of suitable targets is as important as the serious and systematic process of reaching out to the companies. For the success of the campaign a long-term approach (several contacts will have to take place with every potential client) is considered crucial. The senior consultants acted as an officially authorized representative of DWC on the German market. This ensured the serious approach and enabled the “opening of the right doors”.

Taking into consideration, that the offer of DWC might be enticing to a large amount of German companies, ME.S initially created a project plan which includes all the necessary tasks and strategic actions to implement in order to achieve the goal. In lieu with this, potential clients were set to be contacted. Additionally, a short and pragmatic handout has been generated by ME.S and sent out to these interested targets. The primary significance of the handout was to further strengthen and implement the “communication concept”- of BPFZ which was helpful in setting the primary arguments or reasons for BPFZ clearer.

Based on the research, ME.S defined detailed target groups and had a closer look at the industries and the “mechanisms” of the relevant players in the German and European market and a way who to approach them with the highest chance of success.

Since Germany is one of the biggest counties in Europe with a much decentralized structure, ME.S identified and concentrated on certain Hubs to invite the targets for the individual meetings. The target groups were then assessed and thoroughly analyzed. After careful planning, there were approximately 400 contacts sent to DWC. The list included specific company information, high level decision maker, and other details which can be considered as a benefit for DWC. These meetings were conducted by the DWC sales representative’s itself. However, all the logistics and administrative tasks to conduct the face to face meetings were carried out by ME.S representative’s conducted the meetings by themselves.

Services Provided



Considering the organized and collaborative communication to the target groups and DWC, ME.S had been successful to reach approximately 400 contacts.

DWC has been fulfilled and satisfied with the lead generation and research that ME.S did, given the geographical and language barriers. ME.S had shown its expertise in the German market not just by locating and contacting the much needed leads, but also proved the right utilization of marketing automation tools, data acquisition, segmentation strategy, digital communications, and telephone conversation within its lead management for DWC.

DWC had the chance of arranging many personal meetings with potential investors for the free zone which DWC certainly profited from. Their coordination and communication with the specified target groups had been hassle and stress-free.

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