The client

The company operates in the sport and lifestyle industry and focuses on fitness and nutrition supplies. Sport and lifestyle is a market worth around $44 billion worldwide. This includes vitamins, supplements, foods, sports nutrition products as well as bath & beauty products.

In Germany, ProteinBot´s main product is its sophisticated design machine called ProteinBot PB9000®. It is a fitness drink dispenser which can be an essential asset to all modern health centers today. What makes the company´s product different from any ordinary vending machine is the fact that it can be programmed to generate a protein shake according to individual diets and training schedules, by simply just pressing a button.

This revolutionary innovation helps primary clients like gyms, fitness centers, and clubs upgrade their services without incurring additional cost for labor and maintenance. In fact, clients have proven that they have approximately 40% increase in company turnover through ProteinBot PB9000® sales.

Business challenge

Initially, ProteinBot wanted to widen their market and expand especially in Europe. Germany is considered the company´s primary country of choice due to its strategic position and the general high buying power in that market. However, the company started from scratch without having any empirical information about the market and the customer behavior. The first challenge was to obtain fundamental information on the market, to find out whether the product is right for the German market or if it might need to be adjusted at certain levels.

These were the following foreseen challenges that they encountered at the beginning of this project:

This search produced a short list about 50 potential suppliers which were subsequently contracted to assess their ability to deliver Pinus Sylvestris of the desired diameter and length.

  • Obtain fundamental information and insights on the German fitness market and consumer behavior in order to ascertain if the existing product could be launched as is or needed some adaptations. Launching a new product in a different market must take into consideration the nuances of that market.
  • The creation of a solid and stylish lifestyle brand. Branding is crucial in this market to engage with the audience and establish as a credible player. Look at the success of brands such as Nike on the back of strong branding.
  • Generation of attraction and awareness for the brand in the German market. The initial launch will attract some attention if delivered in the right way, but this has to be sustained in order to gain a foothold in the German market.
  • Getting certifications and/or official approvals for an increase in the “formalization” of the brand. Being recognized officially is a big step towards having a brand that can grow in the market and gain traction.
  • Preparing the brand and the company including a full CI and communication package for trade fairs like “Bodypower” in Mumbai and “FiBo” in Cologne. These are important trade fairs that expose the ProteinBot brand to key players in the industry.

How we helped

Before we started with the actual project, we defined and planned with the client (the team of ProteinBot) where we wanted to go and what success looked like. We had initial interviews with the Sales and Business Development department and a one-day workshop to brief our project members about the brand and the targets we want to archive. This helped us to understand the business and make our support far more effective.


At the beginning of this project, we carried out a deep market overview in the field of the anticipated target groups. This work was conducted in the frame of a desktop research in combination with the review of relevant media in order to identify the key trends or movements of importance. The result was presented in a detailed report with overviews and trends in the German market. This enabled the client to develop their strategy for the move into the German market.

In addition to the desktop research, 20 interviews were conducted with owners and operators of health and sport centers to understand what guests value, how a potential business model might look like and whether this product could be of general interest to their target audience.


A solid communication concept for the brand was developed. This concept included a clear message, the idea behind the company, vision and mission and channels through which the message of the company travels from sender to receiver.

In addition to the communication concept, a new logo for the company was designed. This logo was from now on embedded into all communication in order to create awareness and sensitize the market for the new brand. In addition, it creates a recognizable value.

Based on the communication concept and new corporate identity, a brand-new website was built and published. Creating this online presence helped ProteinBot to become established.


After the brand concept has been finalized, the next step was to link ProteinBot to necessary institutions and “official organizations” such as TÜV for example, that can approve or rate the brand and the other products that the company offers.

The experienced researchers from ME.S gathered potential listings and approvals as well as an achievable approach for the company. The association to a mark the product “Made in Germany” helped ProteinBot to earn trust not just within German consumers but also worldwide, due to the reason that this mark implies good quality and connotes that products are made with utmost industry´s product testing. Think quality motor cars, and German engineering comes to mind.


In order to promote the brand ProteinBot brand in Germany and to obtain positive PR attraction and to gain more publicity, articles about the brand and the innovations were published in magazines, social media and relevant forums. This is a great way to boost confidence in a product.

After finalizing the concept and the “go live” of the website, ME.S marketing experts analyzed ProteinBot´s website traffic to develop and leverage the amount of visitors onto the website. SEO set-up was deemed important at this stage to increase more brand awareness by putting related keywords and contents that will drive potential consumers to ProteinBot´s website. We are experts in this area and work hard to ensure our clients get the most from this vital resource.


In terms of meetings, summits, or conferences, the company also needed an engaging presence to use in any kind of events, send out to potential clients or that can be downloaded from the website. Due to this reason, ME.S took the necessary action and developed a comprehensive ProteinBot CI, which will suit all purposes and are aligned with the communication concept and the objectives of this project. It really stands out from others in the industry and this gives ProteinBot a lot of attention to build their business.

As ProteinBot participated in two trade fair exhibitions in India and Germany, the senior advisors of ME.S flew to India to support the ProteinBot – team on the Bodypower in Mumbai, the first trade show with the new brand and corporate identity and also at the FIBO in Cologne, one of the largest leading international trade fairs for fitness, wellness & health.

Services Provided



ME.S approach and methodology ensured that ProteinBot´s case was handled in a very pragmatic and efficient manner. The concept and project plan were presented to the client late 2016 and the positive outcome can be already seen in the year 2017. It continues to grow from this solid base.

Due to the detailed market overview on the fitness and lifestyle industry as well the customer behavior, it was possible to adapt and provide a communication concept to reach as many people as possible from the right target group. This means that the client was able to be specific when looking to grow the business and make all of their sales time efficient, rather than chasing leads that would not go anywhere. The marketing and communication material in now used in the entire brand communication and sales strategy of ProteinBot on trade shows, flyers or online advertisement. Having this universal approach delivers consistency for both the team of ProteinBot and their customers.

A fully functional website was launched and evaluated over a longer period of time to channel the communication in a much efficient way and to track, what people are interested in. Since the launch of the website, a steady increase of visitors was recorded and this is leading to sales.

With the two trade shows in Mumbai and Cologne and the related marketing and after-sales activities a lead volume of 400.000€ were generated within the first year.

“It was really amazing how professionally and motivated the ME.S Team supported us on the two trade shows. The amount of new contacts, leads and sales volume generated in only two events was incredible.” -Harneet Sign, Founder and CEO of ProteinBot

After the initial launch, an ongoing partnership was offered to continually guide ProteinBot in terms of any challenges that they may encounter along the way. Additionally, MES made sure that once the initial project had been done, all the right partners and customers were already linked to ProteinBot, which made ME.S´ contributions to the company came into full circle.

“Overall, we are more than satisfied with the outcome of this project. Such an achievement in less than 12 months is outstanding partly beyond our expectations. We are positively looking forward to the ongoing collaboration with ME.S in the future.” -Harneet Sign, Founder and CEO of ProteinBot

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