Market Entry and Go-to-market Solutions for df3d in Germany

df3d is a well-known company from Bengaluru, India which specializes on software for 3D printing applications. The company enables businesses to start a retail or online 3d printing business by providing end to end consultancy, support, software- and design platforms for a smooth 3d printing business. Furthermore, the company provides intelligent and innovative solutions in the field of 3D printing. Medical industry and medical clinics (doctors etc.) and for that purpose alone df3d has created a dedicated brand called “Osteo3d”. The focus of this project was mainly to strengthen the given brand.

Business Case

The main target of this project was to find appropriate companies / partners in the healthcare sector who are willing to partner with the df3d. Furthermore, df3d was interested in identifying interested companies that could be potential clients and can work together on a larger scale and in a long-term basis. The focused target groups were companies in the following sectors:

  • Medical hospital and clinics
  • Surgery and research labs
  • Medical models for doctors and medical students (can be fabricated in India/Germany, but designed in India)
  • Surgical guides (can be fabricated in Germany – but designed in India)
  • Implants (can be fabricated in Germany – but designed in India)
  • (only for df3d): services for design for 3d printing on hourly / monthly rate for companies in Germany

In case a company out of the above mentioned sectors was interested in the services of df3d, ME.S took immediately over the entire introduction of the company and product. After the initial contact, ME.S informed df3d and the parties commonly decided how to proceed with the potential customer.

df3d already prepared two websites and a few marketing materials, however only in English language. Another great challenge was to translate this material into German and find a suitable and sharp message to deliver. ME.S reviewed the existing material and work and created a small “teaser” to attract the potential clients and partners.

Our Approach

At first, ME.S generated a project plan including all tasks and the required actions to follow. After this, the project staff members of ME.S conducted an initial interview with the responsible employees and engineers of df3d in order to get a better understanding on the product and company.

In order to reach out to potential clients, ME.S needed to translate parts of the above mentioned presentation and marketing elements as well as from the website. Consequently there was a short and pragmatic handout (max. 6-8 pages) created in order to reach out to the interested targets. In addition to the translation, a “communication strategy” (what exactly are the primary arguments for the Principal etc.) was generated as well as minimal graphic adjustments etc.

Based on the focused target groups, ME.S researched and defined detailed target groups with the highest chance of success. Those not only consisted of the targets themselves, but also of “multiplicators” (clinics, hospitals, r&d departments etc.).

The Outcome

Throughout the client Interview and the Personal meeting of ME.S and df3d in Bangalore / India, ME.S got a fundamental knowledge and insight on the business structure and quality of work of df3d.

ME.S developed a strategy and method for df3d, how to realize the market entry to Germany as efficient and cost-effectively as possible. The corporate strategy of df3f for Germany was revised, translated and adjusted so it was fitting for the German market and has the highest impact on potential clients and chance of success. The complete revision by ME.S of existing content, graphics and texts was significantly important for the success of the creation of the df3d company-brochure with which the company contacted potential customers and partners in Germany.

Furthermore, ME.S Identified targets in Germany, based on the specification given by df3d

  • 2,665 doctors and clinics in Germany
  • 165 oral surgeons
  • 248 surgical hospitals
  • 37 Premium Targets.

In addition to the target list of more than 3.000 contacts, 8 personal meeting were arranged at the MEDICA trade show in Düsseldorf and another 110 fair participants have been contacted and business details exchanged.

Currently concrete negotiations with companies who are interested in the service and product of df3d are conducted in which ME.S is guiding and assisting in regards of contact and business formalities. With 3 companies in Germany 3f3d has already made successful contracts for new upcoming years.

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