Consultinghouse Andreas Wilke

Founder & CEO

Andreas Wilke, M.A.

Managing Director

+49 (0) 6181 250 334

Mr. Andreas Wilke graduated from the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship in Berlin, where he specialized in International Business Management. He then spent 2 years working for Deutsche Telekom, where he gained valuable experience engaging with Telekom's internal competence centers in Germany as well as in emerging BRIC countries, especially Brazil & India, with regard to cross-border investment projects.

Mr Wilke joined Consultinghouse in 2013 to advise foreign investors on strategies to land and expand their business operations and products in European markets. 

In 2015 Mr. Wilke founded ME.S Management GmbH and is responsible for the corporate management and strategic development of the company since then. 

Business Development Manager

Consultinghouse Ritika Malik


Ritika Malik, M.A.

Business Development Manager

+49 (0) 6181 250 338

Ms. Ritika Malik obtained a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Jena, Germany specializing in Strategy, Management and Marketing. She advises international clients on how to structure their individual market entry strategies for the European markets in their very early stages. 

Consultinghouse Andreas Wilke

Andreas Wilke

M.A., Client Relations
+49 6181 250 334
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