Market Expansion solutions to develop your business in Europe

ME.S and its partners provide market expansion solutions to facilitate the operations of each individual component of the supply-chain. Each solution components crompehends the following supporting processes:

  • Governance & compliance: We can help you to stay compliant as you grow your busiess in Europe. Furthermore, our adivisory services can help you how to monitor compliance inhouse.
  • Controlling: As part of our market expansion sultions we use our industry experience to monitor and improve your business. Furthermore, our advisory services can help you to implement tailor-made controlling systems inhouse.
  • Technology: As part of our market expansion solutions we work with the latest technology, whether on the ERP or on the CRM side. Furthermore, our advisory services can help you to evaluate and to run the best technology inhouse.

The following illustration shows in what areas ME.S can help companies along a typical supply-chain:

Market Expansion Services - End to end supply chain services

ME.S provides full flexibility and choice when expanding to Europe

Typically, companies that want to expand their business into new markets are confronted with a make or by decision. Those companies either have to spent budget engaging an external service provider or have to take an investment in the development of inhouse competencies.

ME.S provides professional market expansion solutions to help companies to successfully expand their business into Europe's largest markets.

  • Our market expansion solutions have been designed to meet the indiviudal challenges of your expanding business in every step of your supply-chain.
  • Our advisory services provide the knowledge to develop the skillset your organization needs in order to successfully grow within and across Europen markets.

When approaching the European markets, our clients have the choice:

Take advante of solutions & services that seamlessly work together. Indipendently on whether you would like to consume the proccess as a service or develop your supply-chain inhouse.

  • Consume: Our customized market expansion solutions can be consumed as a service
  • Develop: Our advisory services can be used to develop own competences inhouse
Market Expansion inhouse and outsourcing services
Value Chain as a Service

Value-added through a customized & integrated hybrid approach

When deciding for the right market expansion approach our clients do not have to compromise. With ME.S companies find the right mix of inhouse, as well as external competencies to successfully expand their business to Europe's largest markets:

  • ME.S facilitates new and existing inhouse competencies through advisory services.
  • In addition ME.S offers market expansion solutions that can be consumed as a service.

ME.S collaborates with specialized partners to faciliate governance and compliance. The following illustration shall demonstrate the advantage of choosing an integrated hybrid market expansion approach.


Value Chain services as hybrid delivery approach

Value-added services

Tax & legal services to faciliate your cross border expansion in Europe

Whether you are incorporating a new business, looking into a possible new acquisition, or simply want to protect your intellectual property in Germany. 

Counselhouse is committed to supporting international clients to add a legal perspective to your business operations in Germany.

Compliance services to faciliate your daily business operations in Europe

Consultinghouse is providing innovative solutions to address unique business challenges that support companies across various industries.

Clients engage with Consultinghouse to successfully manage their complete business lifecycle in a strong German economy. 

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