Start-UP Pitching Event

On 15th of May the WKÖ (Austrian Chamber of Commerce) hosted the Pitching Event for European Start Up companies in Vienna. The event was not only a networking session throughout the start up community, entrepreneurs, advisory board members and local contact points, but also provided a great opportunity young European startups to pitch their business idea or project to the audience and potential investors. Business Angles, Investors and entrepreneurship experts as well as market entry specialist like MES were also part of the audience and jury. The candidates had 3 Minutes for their pitch and could freely choose from any presentation medium and format as long as they keep the time frame.

During the evening, we had seen 10 different startups from Austria, Portugal, Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic as well as Slovenia. On the following day, the MES Team took part in a good practice sharing session, also hosted by the WKÖ (Austrian Chamber of Commerce). The topics, which had been discussed among the work session, were Start-Up-Service for your Entrepreneurs, One Person Entrepreneurs in Austria and Europe, Women in Business, Program “Zukunft Frau” and Advantage Austria – Export Service.

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